Unity Flagz The Best of Both Worlds

I’ve been to many Festivals, in Florida, from West to East to South Florida attending all kinds of events that bring people together.

They are all great, wonderful and unique Festivals in their own way but one thing that remains the same is the people. Every event I’ve been to the people are the element that makes the festival a festival. Everyone is full of joy and happiness, bringing their families out and enjoying everyone’s company together celebrating life.

What makes me truly happy is being able to offer people from different parts of the world, a product that represents them and the surprise they get when I tell them that they can combine two, three or even four country flagz together, when they see their countries united symbolizing Their Best of Both Worlds they get excited, all the way from couples to individuals that are mixed.

It’s about time something like this exists!

I thank the people for wanting this product out in the market and representing where they come from with pride because America would not be America if we did not have a whole world of different nationalities in it, and without diversity there is no growth. I encourage everyone to learn about other countries and expand their knowledge of the world! One thing will be clearer to those who see things from a bigger perspective, it’s that we are all people, no matter where we come from, no one is superior or inferior. We are all human beings with great power!

I look forward to attending more festivals throughout the entire United States spreading these Unity Flagz where ever I go.

Hope to see you there!

Inventor and President of Unity Flagz,

Jessie Mulero

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